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About Us

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We are here not for income, but for outcome

The “Rookmangud Katawal Trust” is established in order to make personality and character development of descendants of Nepalese society by uplifting the quality of education of the nation with the diligent manner by making comprehensive development in Formal Education, Technical Education, Informal Education, Literacy to uplift educationally backward, victims of conflict and underprivileged class people and to make timely reform in our social, cultural and religious customs by promoting mutual support, harmony and brotherhood in society. It is a not-for-profit NGO dedicated to improving the education of underprivileged children in Nepal. In our view, the preponderance of under-educated Nepalese is the number one impediment standing in the way of Nepal’s attempt to raise its people’s quality of life in the 21st century.

The Trust particularly focuses on the education of younger girls and boys living in remote Nepali villages but the organization will extend its functional area gradually all over the country in near future. Students in rural areas often graduate from primary schools only to find themselves unable to continue with a secondary school education because of extreme poverty. The Trust addresses this problem by assisting financially-strapped students so that they may continue their studies, thereby giving them the ability to compete for jobs as adults, but even more important, providing them with the necessary tools to contribute to their society and fight for their rights and freedom.

The constitution of  the organisation has set the following objectives:

  • To carry out the necessary functions to establish a prosperous society by timely reforming social and cultural customs or traditions.
  • To provide the opportunity of literacy by giving priority in education in order to uplift underprivileged class and victims of conflict of Nepal by making the aware of the importance of education, to provide Educational materials free of cost and provide support for educational instruments.
  • To establish or to cause to establish a library in community schools or any other places by making aware to the people deprived of education due to different reasons about the importance of education and to provide appropriate support to make arrangement for providing informal and formal education to those people.
  • To encourage intelligent, laborious students from disadvantaged class people being successful to obtain good marks in exam by providing scholarship in their higher education and granting appropriate award by giving due consideration in the issue that education is a most important factor of society in this modern age.
  • To provide support by conducting programs with the purpose to enable underprivileged class people of Nepal for their career development in direct involvement with them. Likewise, to provide support by operating programs relating to technical education including engineering, medical, agriculture, and forest.
  • To provide the necessary support to victims of different types of conflicts and their families as well as to provide the necessary support to the people suffering from domestic violence.
  • Our culture is our identity as well as our glory or dignity. Thus, to carry out a necessary investigation, research, and promotion of the different ethnic cultures of Nepal including language, customs, traditions, festivals as well as dresses or attire.
  • To support for public awareness in the issue of natural disaster, health and environment in coordination with other stakeholders of Nepal and to operate ambulance service in order to support for quick health service by bringing ambulance by establishing an appropriate fund for ambulance service and also to support to other organization by providing ambulance. The ambulance of the organization shall be operated under the prevailing directives of the Government of Nepal.
  • To make support to carry out functions to uplift the living standard of underprivileged class people of Nepal by providing support in the field of drinking water, irrigation, agriculture, and animal husbandry.
  • To make support for awareness about cash crops to uplift the living standard of underprivileged class people of Nepal and to provide support for quality products and sell and distribution of such products.
  • To publish and distribute different informative materials including articles, creations, books, stickers, movies relating to the objectives of the society in order to achieve the objective of the organization and to carry out the study, research by conducting the different workshop, seminar, conference, lecture, discussion in concerning issues.
  • To carry out all other functions for the widespread development of the trust.

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